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Retroactive Prayer

Prayer is a very powerful resource that it highly underutilized. You can review some of the previous postings I have made on prayer to review this issue if it is something that you are skeptical about. This is a fascinating essay on prayer for events that occurred in the past.

What if prayer actually influences the person to whom it is directed, no matter how far removed? What if prayer affects the past? We are nowhere near understanding laws pertaining to those governing space, time, intention, and consciousness. Physicists have profound doubts about how time operates. Consciousness is equally puzzling. Any definitions for time and consciousness are admittedly inadequate, incomplete, and tentative. Consciousness--"the totality of one's thoughts, feelings, and impressions," including volition and will, that surface in the act of prayer and time, "the entire period of existence of the known universe," are accepted. But the distant past is the present; heavenly bodies that existed millions of years ago still appear to exist now.

British Medical Journal December 20, 2003;327:1465-1468 Free Medical Journal Article

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