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A Christmas Gift for You

Tomorrow's newsletter will have a host of gifts for you, but I want to give you an appetizer today. Nearly everyone knows my stance on medications, they in no way, shape or form ever treat the underlying cause of disease and your goal should always be to find an alternative that effectively addresses the cause. However, one needs to be practical. The average American takes more than one prescription drug a month. So, for those of you who still require or use medications I have an alternative for you. Why not consider radically reducing your drug costs by purchasing them from Canada through the source I have researched and found for you below?

This is such an effective alternative that many cities and states are currently using this strategy to lower their costs. Even the state I live in, Illinois, is considering setting up a pilot program that would import medications from Canada. In fact it is so effective that this morning's USA Today states that the Bush administration is warning that states and cities seeking to import lower-cost drugs from Canada face legal action and financial liability. Yes, you probably guessed the inside story on that: the drug companies' powerful lobby has forced the feds to act on the states and cities to prevent them from decreasing their payments to the drug industry. Well folks, you don't have to be a part of their scam--if you have to take pharmaceuticals, you should be paying considerably less for them, and right now you can knock off a huge percentage of the money you are giving the drug companies by ordering your drugs from Canada through the site you'll find recommended in the link below.

Go to my very popular article on, Four Steps to Reduce Your Drug Expenses by Up to 80% Now. You'll read about the most effective ways to reduce your drug expenses, including FillMyScripts, a high-quality and easy to navigate Web site that offers you Canadian prices on the very same drugs made by the drug companies here in the United States. On that note, don't fall for the scare tactic forwarded by the drug companies that the drugs available in Canada are any less safe than those offered here in the United States--again, they are the very same companies making them for Canada, Canada has strict drug safety laws of their own, and the FillMyScripts site offers only those drugs that are FDA equivalant. Again, click on the article above for full insight, as it will save both your money and your health.

USA Today December 23, 2003

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