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Artificial Fertilizers can Cause Cancer

Non-organic farmers use ammonium nitrate as a crop fertilizer and plants produce it to use as an energy source in the absence of light. The problem is that nitrate could be responsible for starting a chain of events in the body that leads to the formation of cancer-causing agents. When nitrate is ingested into the body, either through eating or drinking contaminated water, it is transferred into the blood stream through normal digestive processes. Once in the blood stream, some of the nitrate is transported to the saliva glands where bacteria in the saliva transform the nitrate into nitrite. The nitrite is swallowed back into the stomach again where it combines with certain amino acids that are not combined with any particular protein. It is at this point that nitrolic acid is formed. This newly discovered compound has properties that could lead to the formation of cancer in various areas of the body.

Just one more reason why you will want to consider using organic foods whenever possible.

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