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Mad Cow May Push Consumers Toward Buying Organic

The discovery of mad cow disease in the United States may give a major boost to the organic beef business because cattle raised organically are less likely to be exposed to the major risk factor for the deadly wasting disease. To be certified as being organic by the Agriculture Department, beef cattle must be fed a strictly vegetarian diet, which would prevent them from being exposed to the kind of tainted feed suspected of causing the mad cow disease discovered in Washington state.

However, please remember that the major problem with cattle is that they are fed grain. It is the grain that allows the commercial beef industry to fatten the cattle up quicker and turn a higher profit. This is great for them, but terrible for you as many of the benefits of beef are diminished when beef is grown this way. So, if you eat beef, wise up and seek to consume grass-fed beef, which is better than organic. The best way to purchase it is to find a local farmer who can sell it to you. This avoids costly shipping charges. However, if you can't find it anywhwere else we do carry grass-fed beef on our site.

Washington Post December 26, 2003

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