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People are Buying More 'Designer' Eggs

More and more shoppers are choosing to buy eggs produced by chickens fed with sea kelp, flax seed and other nutritious ingredients rather than regualr eggs. Eggland's Best Eggs, the nation's largest producer of designer eggs, saw a 25 percent jump in sales in 2003, compared to 2002, and designer eggs now comprise nearly 5 percent of the $3 billion national egg market. Although they cost more consumers are willing to pay the extra price because the eggs provide more nutrients and taste better.

Organic eggs are a phenomenally inexpensive and incredible source of high-quality nutrients that many of us are deficient in, especially high-quality protein and fat. The best way to consume them is raw, and if you?re concerned about salmonella, please review my article on raw eggs for information that will relieve your concerns.

Yahoo! News January 7, 2004

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