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Restaurants Cashing in on Low Carb

More than 10 million people are following a low-carb regimen like that in my Total Health Program. Recognizing the size of the trend, nearly every part of the food industry, from manufacturers to restaurant chains, has introduced low-carb products. I remember when I was in medical school that it was virtually impossible to get whole wheat bread outside of a health food store. Now it is available in nearly all gas station food markets.

I was very happy to see that last month TGI Friday's announced a partnership with Atkins Nutritionals and began serving Atkins-approved menu items at its more than 520 American restaurants. Also last month Hardee's and Carl's Jr began selling a bunless, lettuce-wrapped hamburger. The Carl's Jr. version has only 6 grams of carbohydrates, compared with 61 for a burger with a bun. These are good signs folks, and I am happy to have played a role in helping educate the masses to create the demand for the direction these industries are heading. They have a long way to go of course and I don't agree with many of the Atkins products, but at least it is a very positive step in the right direction.

New York Times January 4, 2004 Page 12

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