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Too Much Vitamin D Can Cause Cancer

It is no mystery that vitamin D is an oil soluble vitamin and in large doses may be toxic. So it should come as no surprise that extremely high levels of vitamin D actually caused prostate cancer, just as very low levels can. Vitamin D can have a reverse effect and when one has very high levels it will actually cause osteoporosis, heart disease, autoimmune problems and cancers. However, one needs to cautiously interpret these results. I have tested thousands of patients' vitamin D levels, and I have only seen one patient have the high levels documented in this study. It is important to understand that it is not easy to do without taking very large doses for long periods of time.

By far, the vast majority of people reading this right now have far too little vitamin D in their blood. Over 85 percent of people have levels below 32, which is considered deficient. In my practice we don't like to see patient levels go much above 50, but 55 is probably a perfect level and anything above 60 is likely to be toxic. This study found cancer started to occur at 80. So, be smart and get your vitamin D level tested. We routinely put people on 10,000 units a day or more of vitamin D safely as long as we monitor them. It is important to understand that most of us get 10,000 units on a sunny summer day if we have significant exposure. Although the RDA of vitamin D is currently 400 units, it will likely change to 4,000 units in the near future.

International Journal of Cancer January 2004;108(1):104-8

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