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Is Fluoride Really as Safe as You Are Told?

For over half a century the government has been telling the public that fluoride is safe and beneficial. It is supposed to reduce cavities; manufacturers add it to toothpaste, and municipalities to their water supplies. But we know that fluoride is a known toxin, slightly less toxic than arsenic and more poisonous than lead. The industrial chemicals used to fluoridate over 90 percent of fluoridated water in the United States, fluorosilicate acid and sodium silicofluoride, are by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry and have never been tested for safety or effectiveness. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared the substance to be a hazardous waste and made it illegal to dump at sea. In addition, the EPA has declared that there is no "empirical scientific data on the effects of fluorosilicate acid or sodium silifluoride on health and behavior" in its possession. For further information review my fluoride links page.

Lew January 13, 2004

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