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Over 150 People Per Hour Getting Cancer in U.S.

I arrived in Las Vegas last night to see Celine Dion's outstanding presentation at Ceaser's Palace. She had the largest TV screen in the world as a backdrop and the display was beyond amazing. Today I give a presentation at the largest natural health seminar in the United States, Parker Seminar, which has over 12,000 people attending. When I reviewed my wire services this morning I was surprised to read this amazing statistic from yesterday's newly released American Cancer Society survey:

"About 156 people an hour will learn they have cancer this year, according to new data from the American Cancer Society. And by the end of this year, scientists predict, 563,700 people in the USA will have died from the disease. But the grim statistics in Cancer Facts and Figures 2004, an American Cancer Society report released Wednesday, reveal that some strides have been made."

Fortunately, there are many simple strategies you can take to not be one of those stricken with cancer this year or ever:

USA Today January 15, 2004

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