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Arctic Natives Prove Metabolic Typing

New research is providing some of the hard science that is validating nutritional typing. Clinically I have used this approach in my office for nearly two years and I am absolutely convinced of its value. It is terrific to see that the researchers are beginning to provide the science to back up the clinical observations.

The study showed that people native to the far north evolved to produce more heat in their cells. The researchers suggest this change is a climate-driven effect. The scientists analyzed mitochondria from over 1,000 people ranging from Africa to Europe and Arctic Siberia. They found that that mutations in mitochondria DNA, increasing production of heat, though reducing energy production, rise in people living closer to the pole, compared with tropical residents. The change results in an increased propensity for energy deficiency diseases, but also in increased longevity and resistance to aging. DNA provides the blueprint for the development of the body, combining information from the separate DNA of each parent. However, mitochondrial DNA directing the energy production in cells is inherited only from the mother, unlike the DNA that provides the body?s primary set of instructions for operation.

Science January 9, 2004;303(5655): 223-6

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