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You Paid Over $40 Billion For Overweight People

Over two-thirds of Americans are overweight and these overweight people cost the United States about $75 billion in weight-related medical bills in 2003. U.S. taxpayers paid for about half of that last year. The total annual medical bill for people who are either obese or overweight, weighing just a few to 30 pounds over an ideal weight, is as much as $93 billion. This analysis includes direct medical costs related to extra weight but not indirect costs such as time off work. If only they would use exercise as a drug. Most people will need one hour of daily exercise intense enough to limit their ability to talk comfortably to the person next to them. Ideally this should be done with an exercise coach. A comprehensive dietary program is the other essential tool to addressing this challenge.

USA Today January 22, 2004

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