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Good News - - Drug Company Profits Drop & Rises

Three years ago Pfizer purchased Warner Lambert to become the number one drug company in the world. Drug companies have been taking a financial hit for some time now. Yesterday Pfizer announced that their net income fell 79 percent to $602 million, or eight cents a share, in the fourth quarter from $2.86 billion, or 46 cents a share, in the year-ago period. The earnings decline was due mainly to $1.6 billion, or 22 cents a share, in accounting adjustments related to its purchase of Pharmacia Corp. last April and $1.76 billion in charges to cover merger costs and lingering legal problems associated with withdrawn diabetes drug Rezulin and an epilepsy remedy Neurontin. Both drugs were once marketed by Warner-Lambert Co., which Pfizer acquired in 2000. Rezulin was associated with cases of fatal liver damage, and Warner-Lambert allegedly marketed Neurontin for uses that were unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration.

This is good news overall. The market is finally starting to get fed up with expensive Band-Aids that cause more problems than they solve. This is a major David versus Goliath battle folks as I am seeking to transform this fatally flawed paradigm that is controlled by the multinational and billion dollar drug companies. But as this story illustrates they are losing ground, slowly but surely. This is why I am donating all my commissions from my new book to a new non-profit corporationthat is dedicated to making this happen. I hope to announce further details of this project later this year.

We are making progress. Many of you will be pleased to know that the Web site last week passed Mayo Clinic and is now the sixth most visited health site in the world. Even more exciting we will likely pass the AMA in the next few weeks and be the number five health site in the world. Two days this past week we have had more than 1 million hits on our site. It seems that the word is catching on that has important information to share. So please continue the good work as we have only begun the fight to take over the health care system of this country from the drug companies and return it to the people. January 23, 2004

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