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Yes Folks, Fat Can Help Your Immune System

Besides keeping a body warmer, fat cells produce hormone-like proteins in reaction to invading toxins, behaving much like immune cells that fight disease. Fat cells can be functional and beneficial without creating obesity as they play a major role in helping insulin regulate blood sugar levels and can aid the immune system's response to cancerous cells. However, an excess of fat, like just about any other healthy item, can disrupt your immune system. Folks, you don't have to worry about fat and if you have the right levels, if you're eating correctly for your nutritional type and exercising appropriately, your body will automatically obtain the perfect level of fat. I review the specific practical steps in my new book, which provides you with all the practical tools to achieve your ideal weight.

It is also important to understand and realize that there are certain fats that are healthy for you and should be consumed by most of us. Please understand that one of the major reasons why these foods are so healthy is that they are raw unprocessed foods. When you process them, like pasteurizing milk, they actually convert to disease-causing foods for many. Protein nutritional types should consume quite a few of the following foods while the other extreme, veg-carb types, should consume considerably less of these:

  • Cod liver oil, but be sure to consume a high-quality brand. Typically most of us need 1-3 teaspoons of this food so it is much more convenient to take the liquid than 5-15 large capsules a day.
  • Raw milk or butter. The link has recommendations on where you can find this amazing health food. Grass-fed is best here.
  • Coconut oil Nearly every one of you should have this in your home. It is the only oil that most of you should ever use to cook with as it is clearly one of the healthiest oils and resists heat damage better than any other oil. It is not necessary to consume this oil as a supplement, as whole raw coconut. Either mature or the young green ones, are a better source of coconut nutrition. Young green coconuts are harder to find but many ethnic Asian or Mexican stores carry them.
  • High-quality extra virgin olive oil that is ideally consumed on your salads.
  • Avocados if you are a protein type.

American Journal Physiology January 2004

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