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More Parents Refusing to Get Kids Vaccinated

I have a special delight in announcing this today as yesterday finally passed the AMA as the fifth most visited health site on the planet. Folks, here you have it, straight from the AMA's own hyperconservative newspaper. Now, even they are acknowledging that getting kids vaccinated is no longer automatic. An increasing number of parents express concerns about rumored ill effects like:

  • autism,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • compromised immunity,
  • learning disabilities,
  • diabetes and
  • paralysis,

The article has a strong message for primary message for primary care physicians, and encourages them to relate to parents the risk and outcomes if a child is not vaccinated. It continues the myth that many young parents have no information on the diseases for which vaccines offer protection and need some orientation to the great polio epidemics of the first half of the 20th century, the rubella babies of the 1950s with severe congenital hearing and vision loss, measles encephalitis pertussis.

Inciting fear in their patients is a common strategy for many physicians. Fortunately it is a treatment mode that many patients are refusing to accept at this point. Many of these concerned parents have done far more homework on this the topic than the doctors who are supposed to be the experts but refuse to use their knowledge to carefully examine the facts. If you have not had a chance to carefully examine this issue I would encourage you to visit our vaccine links page that has some of the top vaccine information sites on the Internet.

American Medical News February 9, 2004

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