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Roll Up Your Computer Screen & Wear It

Wouldn't it be nice if you could unroll your computer screen and it weren't so darn fragile? Well soon you will be able to do just that. Some companies are even considering working this technology into lines of clothing so that you will be able to wear it. The military is thinking about the technology for its uniforms so it can change shades to match surroundings and to display enemy coordinates on constantly updated wrist bands. Two advances underlie the arrival of flexible computer displays. One involves improvements in electronic paper, or "e-paper"--thin plastic sheets packed with closely spaced black and white dots, or pixels, that can be electronically rearranged many times per second to create ever-changing messages. The other involves breakthroughs in the field of "organic electronics," in which scientists are making transistors and other electronic components out of plastic instead of rigid silicon and metal. Scientific American provides the best and most comprehensive article I have seen to date about this exciting new technology. The Washington Post also provides a great summary on this topic.

Scientific American February 2004

Washington Post February 2, 2004

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