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Can Spirituality Improve Your Health?

In U.S. medical schools, one of the fastest growing areas of study is the healing power of ... prayer. Seventy-nine of the nation's 125 medical schools now offer courses on prayer and spirituality. A decade ago, only three medical schools offered such classes. Dr. Larry Dossey is one of the leading experts in this area. I have posted several of his articles previously. His Prayer and Medical Science article is a particularly good one. This article answers the following questions:

  • Is there any scientific evidence to support the use of prayer in the prevention or treatment of disease, and how was the research conducted?
  • How does prayer work?
  • Is a belief in God--or some other higher being--required in order to benefit from prayer?
  • What is the best prayer method?
  • What is the best way to start praying?
  • Is there an ideal time or place for prayer?
  • Does anything inhibit the effectiveness of prayer?

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