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Very Obese Women Face High-Risk Pregnancies

Women who are extremely obese early in pregnancy face higher rates of complications that put them and their babies at risk, according to a large study. Morbidly obese women had increased risks of several complications during pregnancy and delivery, and, compared with normal-weight women, their babies were two to three times more likely to be stillborn or to die soon after birth. Past studies have also found that obesity during pregnancy can cause many complications such as:

  • Increased rates of hypertensive disease, cesarean section and infections
  • Higher rates of blood clots and respiratory complications
  • Independent risk factor for neural tube defects, fetal mortality and preterm delivery
  • Increased risk for having a child who may have an increased risk of subsequent childhood obesity and its associated morbidity

Obstetrics & Gynecology. 2004 Feb;103(2):219-24.

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