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Atkins Was Clinically Obese When he Died

Dr. Robert Atkins was clinically obese at the time of his death, according to medical reports made public today. He was six feet tall and weighed 258 pounds. Perhaps the extra weight contributed to his brain injury when he slipped. Anyone taking high school physics would know that force = mass X acceleration, and if he was carrying an extra 100 pounds that would not have helped. The examiner's report said that Dr. Atkins had suffered a previous heart attack, congestive heart failure and hypertension, all conditions that are related to obesity.

I have enormous respect for Dr. Atkins. He was a major pioneer and helped introduce the radical concept that insulin plays havoc with weight and avoiding grains and sugars is an essential component to lose weight. However, his program needed serious modification as it did not incorporate biochemical individuality that is done with nutritional typing. It is unclear if Dr. Atkins was following his own program or if he, like most of us, had foods that were not the best for us.

I do know that the truth is that it is inappropriate to ignore the messenger just because he isn't following the message. Perfection is a divine, not human, attribute.

Yahoo News! February 10, 2004

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