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Practical Options For Back Pain

Back problems are the leading reason for visits to neurologists and orthopedists and the eighth leading reason for visits to doctors over all--ahead of:

  • fever
  • knee pain
  • rashes
  • headaches
  • checkups for healthy babies

Treating back pain costs Americans $26 billion a year, or 2.5 percent of the total health care bill. More than 70 percent of adults suffer back pain at some time in their lives, studies show. A third have had it in the past 30 days. It would certainly seem to me that one of the best steps someone could take is to find a high-quality chiropractor. Many have had less than optimal experiences with some chiropractors and that has partially tainted the profession. However, there are many outstanding ones out there who can not only treat one's back problem, but also guide them to higher levels of health. Last year I met Dr. Christorpher Kent. While he doesn't treat patients anymore, he is one of the leaders of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. While they are not the only source of high-quality professional care, they are certainly a good start. Dr. Kent wrote an article that describes how you can locate a good chiropractor. That would certainly seem like a logical first step if you were struggling with chronic pain.

New York Times February 8, 2004

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