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Interesting Facts on Money

Gary Halbert is quite an outrageous direct marketing guru. I attended one of his seminars last year and as a result receive his free newsletter. Today's issue has some absolutely fascinating facts on money. He has over 40 of them but here are a few:

  • More of our fantasies are about money... than sex.
  • More than 80,000,000 people call the I.R.S. Information Hotline phone number every year. One-third of those calls go unanswered. And, according to the Treasury Department itself, 47% of the answers the 'get-through' callers receive are incorrect.
  • The average wedding in America costs a staggering $20,000.00.
  • Sunday newspaper coupon inserts are the second-most read section of the paper, after the front page.
  • If we could have any luxury in the world (and money didn't matter) more of us would choose to spend money on a butler and a maid than anything else.

Gary Halbert Newsletter February 12, 2004

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