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Scientists Claim Cloning Success

Scientists in South Korea report that they have created human embryos through cloning and extracted embryonic stem cells, the universal cells that hold great promise for medical research. The paper describes the successful process in detail, with precise information on how to start the embryos growing and what solutions are best to nourish them. That recipe appears to advance the likelihood of reproductive cloning. When fertility laboratories fertilize eggs, grow embryos to the same developmental stage as the embryo clones and implant them in a human uterus, 40 to 60 percent end up as babies. Apparently scientists have overcome some of the major scientific challenges to this enormously technically complex task.

The House has twice passed legislation that would ban all human cloning experiments, most recently in February 2003. But the bills have foundered in the Senate, where many members who oppose reproductive cloning do not want to ban it for medical research. Many share the Christian perspective on cloning and are concerned about the implications of adopting this on a widespread scale. If you are interested in this topic I would review my recent blog entry that also touches on Arnold's recent film the 6th Day that is a sci-fi film on cloning.

Seattle PI February 11, 2004

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