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Why Drug Prices are Skyhigh, and What You can do About It

When presented with the question, "What do you feel is the primary reason behind high U.S. prescription drug costs?" 42 percent of consumers polled blame pharmaceutical companies' excessive profits for high prescription drug costs and two-thirds of all repsondents blamed drug companies, according to a recent online survey conducted by Weiss Ratings. Here is a summary of all responses (particpants were asked to vote for one of six choices):

  • Drug companies padding their profits 42.0 %
  • Expensive marketing by drug companies 23.3%
  • Expensive research and development costs 19.3%
  • High cost of lawsuits for defective drugs 10.5%
  • Other 3.8%
  • High demand due to consumer resistance against generics 1.2%

The best way to avoid the outrageously high drug prices is to boost your nutrition with a healthy diet as described in my new book so you fight disease and illness and don't need drugs in the first place. You can also stay informed of all the latest health information by signing up for my free newsletter, and, for the times when drugs can't be avoided, pay less for them by finding cheaper drug prices.

Weiss Ratings February 11, 2004

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