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Odds Are The Drug Industry is Paying Off Your Doctor

If you ever had any doubts that the drug companies are paying off your doctor this article in today's NY Times will erase them forever. It is a wonderful expose that details how many doctors' belief that the freebies given to them by the drug companies don't influence their prescribing habits is a major fantasy. Virtually no doctors are escaping the subtle and not-so-subtle bribes the drug companies are giving them. The drug companies are spending $15 billion a year or nearly $10,000 for each doctor to influence their prescribing habits.

Folks, you are much smarter than that. Stay away from the drug model and seek the truth with natural solutions that address the cause of your health challenge. Restrict the use of drugs for symptoms in which you are in the process of addressing the underlying cause.

New York Times February 25, 2004

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