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The Curse of the Gulf War Babies

Deaths, still-births, miscarriages, physical defects and sickness are all being blamed on anthrax immunizations given to soldiers who went to Iraq. Experts in Britain now fear thousands of British troops who had the vaccinations face problems with having children. This is one of the most senseless vaccines ever given to soldiers. If you haven't read Dr. Nass' article describing how this vaccine was developed and released please don't do so unless you are prepared to be righteously angry. It is absolutely amazing that this vaccine was ever approved for our troops. The only way it could be given was because they were in the military and lost all of their constitutional rights to refuse it. Just remember this vaccine was never released for the civilian population.

For more information on the devastation of anthrax vaccine please be sure to visit the anthrax index page.

Sunday Mirror February 29, 2004

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