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Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer

This is not a new association. I posted an article three years ago on this topic. However, I suspect it might be an unusual connection for many readers. I have been an avid exerciser for nearly four decades and obviously interested in health. But when I first read the association I was somewhat surprised as it is not intuitively obvious.

Exercise, good old cardio combined with some strength training, does just about everything right for you. However, don't just rely on exercise to prevent cancer. It is my belief that omega-3 fats like cod liver oil are likely to be more important than even exercise. Avoiding sugar is another powerful way to reduce cancer risk. Sugar avoidance, omega-3 and exercise are good for preventing just about any cancer. One additional caution that can be used for breast cancer though is to avoid estrogen. Unless you have had your ovaries surgically removed, it is best to avoid estrogen. There are some additional strategies that seem to work quite nicely for breast and prostate cancers for those who are interested.

Canadian Medical Journal March 2, 2004; 170 (5)

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