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Wouldn't You LOVE to Have Hyperlexia?

It is extremely rare, only about two children out of every 10,000 are blessed with this skill, but I sure wish I would have gotten this genetic gift. It refers to a condition in which some children pick up reading the same way most kids pick up the spoken word. Researchers are interested because understanding hyperlexia may also help explain how normal brains accomplish the feat of reading. Unlike seeing and hearing, skills acquired through evolution, reading is usually not acquired naturally. Humans have been reading for only a few thousand years, and the pressure for everyone to become good readers has become intense in only the past couple of centuries.

Reading is, without question, my favorite activity. I average at least four hours per day with some days going well beyond twice that amount. The advent of the Internet has made it so much easier to acquire knowledge that it is difficult to stay away from it. Without question the advent of the world's largest printing press (the Internet) has transformed our culture.

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