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Antibacterial Soaps Don't Work--Avoid Them

The first major test in people's homes has found that the antibacterial soaps, laundry detergents and other household cleaning products that have become increasingly popular in recent years apparently offer little protection against the most common germs. The new study represents the first time scientists have attempted a study to evaluate the products under real-life, day-to-day conditions in homes, but I have previously noted their ineffectiveness four years ago and that infectious disease experts do not even recommend these products.

Even the AMA does not recommend them. So why do they persist? Simple, the manufacturers have relied on using fear to convince people that they need to use them to stay healthy. So, avoid being duped by these companies. Use a simple plain soap that you can pick up in your local health food store. If you found this story interesting you might want to review some other health hygiene myths that I posted last year.

Washington Post March 2, 2004 Page A02

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