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Coke Wants to Fool You With Their Bottled Water

The ingredients of Coca-Cola are, as every schoolchild knows, one of the world's best-kept secrets. Even subcontractors who bottle the stuff are kept in the dark, in order to preserve the mystique of The Real Thing. But their bottled water is from The Real Thing. Dasani is The Coca-Cola Company's first bottled water in North America and guess what folks, it is pure and simple tap water. To be fair to Coke their water is cleaned as it is first passed through three filters intended to extract particles, organic debris and chlorine before a final reverse osmosis stage.

But don't be fooled.

If you want to pay the price for bottled water you might as well get bottled spring water, not some filtered tap water that Coke is selling as Dasani. However, bottle water is definitely not your best long-term choice as all that plastic is a major challenge for the environment. The solution I came up with is to purchase a quart Lexan bottle. This is a virtually indestructable plastic container that is available in many colors in nearly all camping or sports stores. I fill it with clean filtered water from home and bring that to the restaurant. The Nalgene bottles are far superior to using recycled water bottles as it has a wide cap on it that allows you to regularly clean it and keep it from becoming contaminated with mold which happens regularly when you use the disposable plastic water bottles.

Please note that the reference below is not breaking news, but sometimes I will make an exception and post important information that is not commonly known in the blog.

New York Times September 1, 2001

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