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Stress is a Major Reason Why People Get MS

It is very rare for our clinic to treat a person with MS (or for that matter rheumatoid arthritis or any other autoimmune disease) where stress is not a major player. This study is very similar to the one I posted six months ago on stress and MS.

This study shows that parents who lose a child have an increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis. The study found that parents whose child died were 50 percent more likely to develop MS than parents who did not lose a child. The results show that psychological stress may play a role in the development of MS. Researchers have believed that stress plays a role in MS, but this is the first study to examine a large group of people beginning before they developed MS and follow them for several years.

Losing a child is not the only stressor that can trigger these autoimmune diseases. Just about any serious one will do it. My experience is that they are typically related, like the above, to close family members. So disturbed relationships with spouses, parents, siblings or children, deaths and divorces are very common triggers. Fortunately, energy psychology techniques like EFT are very helpful at addressing the underlying biological short circuiting that disrupts the physiology to contribute to these illnesses.

Cod liver oil is another absolutely essential tool in the prevention and treatment of MS as it is loaded with not only beneficial omega-3 fats but also vitamin D. It is clear that inadequate sunshine is a major risk factor for MS, so if one is unable to have regular access to the sun, cod liver oil sure makes sense. Two studies earlier this year prove this point. I usually advise one to two teaspoons. Just make sure that you get a high-quality brand that tastes good. It is also important to regularly monitor vitamin D levels to prevent toxicity.

Also please remember that MS drugs like interferon are a waste of money and do virtually nothing to address the underlying cause of MS. So avoid wasting precious time and resources on the drug company answer for this illness.

Neurology March 9, 2004;62, 76 - - Link Not Yet Posted in National Library of Medicine

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