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"Magic" Diet Pill in the Works

A new drug, rimonabant, is the first in a class of drugs designed to squelch the appetite alarms of the endocannabinoid system, the alarms activated by pot smoking and alcohol that give people the munchies and make them want to smoke when they're under the influence. BUT it also appears to work mainly by suppressing cravings, but it may also block fat cells from storing fat. The drug lowered levels of the dangerous blood fats called triglycerides and small dense LDL, the so-called "bad cholesterol," and C-reactive protein, a dangerous sign of artery inflammation. Rimonabant also improved the metabolic syndrome that signals imminent diabetes and heart disease and raised levels of HDL, which protect the heart. The drug is undergoing further testing and won't be on the market for two years.

Wouldn't it be nice if this "magic" pill really worked? Even though it won't be out for two years I can confidently predict that it will fail. It will have some fatal flaw because any drug in any form will not address the underlying cause of the disease. It is man's foolish attempt to have his cake and eat it too, literally. It won't work, mark my words. The only way that one can address obesity and overweight is to eat a diet that is correct for their nutritional type and to exercise to normalize your insulin levels.

USA Today March 10, 2004

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