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Cutting Down Calories Could Cut Cancer Risk in Half

Results of a new Harvard study of women who suffered from anorexia indicate that caloric restriction at an early age protects against breast cancer. The researchers noted that breast cancer cases were reduced by half compared with what would be expected in the general Swedish population of women. We have known for decades that restricting caloric intake in animals is one of the most effective ways to reduce cancer risk; however, it's been unclear whether the same is true in humans. This new study tells us that the animal model also holds in the human and that apparently diet is important for breast cancer risk, at least as far as caloric intake is concerned, and that it is probably more pronounced during earlier phases of life.

While the study was only done for women with breast cancer, it is likely that the effect holds true for other cancers. My guess is that it has to do with lowering insulin levels. So it would be best to eat energy-dense foods. I have been doing quite a bit of traveling this year. Nearly every week this year I have been out of town for 3-7 days. I have found that the Living Fuel we offer on our site is an amazingly effective alternative to hotel breakfasts. It also typically is about 1/2 to 1/3 less expensive and this new study convinces me that it is likely lowering my cancer risk.

JAMA March 10, 2004;291(10):1226-30

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