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Great, Now We Have Artificial and Real Sugar in the Same Soda

For those of you who can't decide which is worse, sugar or artificial sweeteners, now Pepsi will make it easier for you by coming out with a new drink that will have both. Earlier this week Pepsi announced that it is planning to launch a cola with 50 percent less sugar than regular colas. The new drink, to be called Pepsi Edge, uses a blend of Splenda and high-fructose corn syrup. It will be launched by Pepsi-Cola North America in late summer.

Just remember that no soda is good for you. Avoid being sucked in by the hype, Splenda is NOT good for you as it is loaded with many potential dangers. Folks this is a big issue, so much so that my next book that I hope to have out later this year will be on Splenda and its dangers. So stick with healthy water. Getting off of soda is one of the easiest and most powerful first steps to staying healthy.

Buffalo News March 10, 2004

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