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Sinusitis is an Immune Disorder Caused by Fungus

Researchers have found that chronic sinusitis, which causes long-term nasal congestion, production of thick mucus and loss of sense of smell, is an immune disorder caused by fungus. Results of their research suggest that common airborne fungi lodge in the mucus lining of the sinuses in most people, but initiate an immune response only in individuals prone to chronic sinusitis. The immune response causes the fungi to be attacked, which leads to damage of the sinus membranes, resulting in full-blown symptoms. I posted this finding back in 1999 when I recommended avoiding the use of antibiotics, avoiding any sinus surgery, and finding a doctor who can treat you for mold sensitivities for those who face chronic sinus problems. You can also read these tips to avoid sinus infections naturally.

Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in San Francisco March 23, 2004

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