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Flu Vaccine may Lead to Asthma in Infants

Children under the age of 3 years who receive the nasal flu vaccine (FluMist) appear to have a four-fold increased risk of asthma within six weeks following the vaccine. Researchers think it may be that these children have never been exposed to a flu virus "and might respond to this vaccine differently because of this." This is just one of the many risks of the FluMist vaccine. The flu vaccine can actually weaken the immune system and make you more predisposed to the illness. It is certainly not the answer to avoiding the flu. People get sick from the flu because they have compromised immune systems, which is surely related to eating too much sugar and too many grains, getting inadequate rest and suffering from unresolved emotional trauma. You can read my past article on alternatives to the flu vaccine for more information.

Reuters March 24, 2004

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