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Parents Ignoring FDA Warnings on Prenatal Ultrasounds

Three years ago I posted an article linking prenatal ultrasounds to brain damage in babies. This morning's USA Today has an article showing a new disturbing trend of many parents seeking these "entertainment" ultrasounds. Apparently the last few years dozens of unregulated ultrasound centers have opened for business around the United States with cute names like Fetal Fotos, Prenatal Peek and Womb With A View. They operate without medical guidelines or standards, they charge about $200 a session, using $100,000 4-D high-density ultrasound machines that provide a much clearer picture--chubby cheeks, hair, even muscular definition--than the two-dimensional scans most doctors use.

The FDA has studies in the United States and Europe that show these scans may affect human development, such as delayed speech in children. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the public is not aware of the FDA cautions and potential brain damage to their helpless infant. So if you know anyone who is considering this scan please warn them.

USA Today March 27, 2004

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