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Vitamin E May Cut Cancer Risk

Eating plenty of vitamin-E-rich foods appears to cut people's risk of bladder cancer in half and may also protect against prostate cancer. Researchers found that the best-absorbed form of alpha tocopherol is not found in supplements but in foods such as sunflower seeds, spinach, almonds and sweet peppers. There is clearly some controversy as to what type of vitamin E is best and whether it is beneficial to take regular vitamin E. If you do decide to take vitamin E, it would be wise to get a full-spectrum variety to ensure you are getting all eight of the naturally occurring isomers that vitamin E has to offer. Additionally, since vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, if you take it on an empty stomach very little will be absorbed into your bloodstream. It is best to take vitamin E with a fat-containing food such as fish oil.

Reuters March 29, 2004

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