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Now Even Starbucks Can Make You Sick With Splenda

Splenda is now the top-selling no-calorie sugar alternative in the United States and now Starbucks will offer Splenda in all of its 5,400 stores across the United States. Nutrasweet got such a bad rap that the drug companies (yes a drug company, Searle, makes Nutrasweet) needed another chemical to buy some more time to confuse the country. Nutrasweet's toxic side effects are well known. Now another drug company, McNeil, has provided a chemical that very little science has been done on. However, there is more than enough science to speculate why you should avoid Splenda. We are starting to collect case histories of negative reactions to Splenda. Please see the article in today's newsletter to see the pictures of what Splenda did to a pharmacist. You can also review the article I wrote that describes the potential dangers of sucralose for further information. March 9, 2004

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