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Did You Catch My April Fool's Jokes?

April Fool's Day pranksters took their trickery online yesterday, perpetrating hoaxes that ran the gamut from fake news stories to phony products to bogus corporate announcements. Yours truly participated as two of yesterday's blog entries, Major Unknown Pollutant is Causing You Problems and the New Technology Allows You to Have Inexpensive Power, were both April Fool's Day jokes.

These two links were from previous April Fool's Day offerings, but Wired magazine documents the creativity of many new hoaxes that we can add to the box for future years., an online retailer of offbeat gadgets, continued a multiyear tradition of posting fake gadgets on April Fool's. This year's roster included a PC EZ-Bake Oven, the RC Gastron Hunger Eliminator, an ingestible device that lets users control their hunger level, and CaffeDerm, a patch that provides wearers a continual dose of caffeine.

Wired April 1, 2004

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