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Illegal Growth Hormone in Veal For Decades

Revelations that up to 90 percent of U.S. veal calves are being fed synthetic testosterone illegally for decades are sending a shock wave through the meat industry, causing a government crackdown and new worries about the impact of hormones on the food supply.

If you haven't seen the incredible Factory Farming animation that details more of these abuses please click on the link as it is one of the most popular links on the site. The two-year old New York Times article on how your beef is really raised is another eye-opening piece as to what is really going on in the beef industry. Just one more reason to make sure that you know the source of your food. Personally, I purchase most of my meat from Amish farmers who refuse to feed them any grains, so they are 100 percent grass-fed organic animals. The most economical way to do this is to purchase a half a side of beef from a local farmer as this will eliminate the expensive transportation fees that drive up the cost of the meat.

USA Today April 2, 2004

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