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Daylight Saving Time Tonight

If this is coming as a surprise to you, let me give you a hint that will allow you to easily remember when the time shift occurs. It is always the first Sunday after April Fool's Day and again in the last weekend in October or very close to Halloween.

Established by U.S. law on March 19, 1918, daylight-saving time has always drawn protests from those who prefer that time not be fiddled with, and I am one of them. I think it is one of the worst ideas the government ever came up with and I applaud Hawaii, Arizona and parts of Indiana for not following them. The Daylight-Saving Time Act was repealed in 1919, and it was then left to the states to decide how they wanted to keep time. Daylight saving was then re-established nationally early in World War II, in an effort to save energy by ensuring people spent most of their waking hours during daylight. And in 1973, in response to the Arab oil embargo, Congress put most of the nation on year-round daylight-saving time for two years in hopes of saving additional energy.

Wired April 3, 2004

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