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Why Do We Like Certain Foods More Than Others?

Why do different people prefer different flavors and types of food? It turns out that what you're fed during the first seven months of life may contribute to your future food likes and dislikes. Babies fed soy formula, which has a bitter and sour flavor with a horrible after-taste (and which should NOT be given to infants) were more accepting of sour taste and aroma as 4- and 5-year-olds than children fed other formulas that are typically described as having a bland, cereal-like taste.

Babies fed breastmilk, the best feeding option for infants by far, were exposed to flavor experiences during the nursing period because breast milk transmits flavors of mothers' diets and it appears that this natural early flavor exposure serves to establish flavors of the mother's diet--which will subsequently be fed to the growing child--as acceptable and preferred. So as a breastfeeding woman it's important to eat healthy foods not only to keep your body nourished but also to give your baby a taste for these healthy foods later in life. An option for woman who cannot breastfeed is to make a healthy infant formula from raw milk.

Pediatrics April 2004;113(4):840-5

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