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What Do Americans Have to Say About the Food Pyramid?

The U.S. food guide pyramid, which is plagued by conflicts of interest and presents a dietary program that is completely wrong for most Americans, is being revised and Americans were given a chance to voice their opinion on what types of changes need to be made. The revised pyramid is due out in 2005, but once again industries and lobbyists have seized the opportunity to weigh in with changes, hoping to prove people can't live well without their products. Here is what some Americans and industries had to say:

  • An artist wants the pyramid redrawn as a heart pumping iron
  • Virtually everyone asked for more distinctions, separating simple and complex carbs, healthy and unhealthy oils, breaking nuts and beans out of the meat and fish category, and separating starchy vegetables from leafy greens
  • The pro-carb American Association of Cereal Chemists pointed out biblical references to manna from heaven and the bread of life
  • Some said separate pyramids are needed for the elderly and obese
  • Most saw a need to feature fitness and give fruits and vegetables more prominence
  • The Sugar Association of Washington said that sugar consumption was not involved in any lifestyle disease, including obesity, although studies show otherwise

USA Today April 6, 2004

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