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Now It's $5,000 a Day For a Hospital Room

Rapidly rising hospital charges have placed hospitals in the spotlight. Charges have gone up quickly in recent years and often bear little relationship to the actual cost of services. It's not unusual for a hospital's billed charges in a market to increase 25 percent to 30 percent in one year. Daily room charges now exceed $5,000 in some New Jersey hospitals. An appendectomy in California, including about two days in the hospital, has an average list charge of $18,000. Nationally, federal data show the median charge for treating a heart attack is more than $20,000.

There is no way we could eliminate all hospital visits, but I am confident that properly applied natural healing methods could eliminate well over half and likely up to 80 percent of hospital visits. I haven't put a patient in the hospital in over seven years so I speak with some level of experience. When I first started practicing 20 years ago I would typically put in one to two patients a week in the hospital and was even the chairman of my family practice department. That is quite a dramatic difference and one that can be implemented if we put our minds to it. Hospital care is the largest chunk of the health care pie, accounting for about one-third of the $1.7 trillion national spending on health care. We simply can't afford to spend that much anymore without bankrupting our entire economy.

USA Today April 13, 2004

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