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McDonald's Launches 'Adult Happy Meals'

Earlier this month I posted a blog that McDonald's is going bunless, and now McDonald's is launching a new health campaign aimed at fighting obesity that includes "Go Active" meals for adults with salad, bottled water and a pedometer, but some critics weren't buying the fast-food giant's healthy message. McDonald's, the target of obesity lawsuits because of its unhealthy menu choices, already has been promoting healthier choices on its menu such as new salads. In June, McDonald's will offer alternatives to french fries in children's "Happy Meals." I don't believe the challenge is to get rid of McDonald's but instead is to change the way Americans respond to food. If consumers don't buy junk food there will be no market for it, and McDonald's will respond and offer what the market demands--and this latest menu change is a great example of this.

Yahoo! News April 15, 2004

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