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Heart Inflammation After Smallpox Vaccine

Biodefense contractor Acambis PLC said it would stop recruiting people to test a smallpox vaccine the U.S. government had purchased as a precaution against terrorist attacks after at least one volunteer experienced heart inflammation.
The company said it would continue to study the vaccine's effect on people who had already taken the drug, but the disclosure reopened debate over the safety of one of the vaccine. Several dozen people also exhibited heart inflammation during a government effort last year to immunize health care workers and military personnel with the smallpox vaccine. It is no news that the smallpox vaccine poses high risks and has been associated with a number of adverse affects. If this isn't reason enough of why it should be avoided, consider that it is very unlikely that the United States will be the target of a smallpox bioterrorism attack.

Further, it looks like all the anti-terrorism protection is unnecessary as the largest research project of its kind ever conducted shows 90 percent of those vaccinated with smallpox maintain a substantial level of immunity, even if the immunization was up to 75 years ago. For more information on this important topic you can read one of my past articles

Washington Post April 14, 2004

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