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Chicago Schools to Ban Soda

I attended all of my formal education within the Chicago city limits, from kindergarten to post-graduate residency training. Only four years at Lane Tech high school were in the public school system, the rest was in private schools. So I was very pleased to read that today the third largest school district in the United States will ban soft drinks, candy and fat-laden snacks from school vending machines. Last month Philadelphia became the first to ban them. New York has also followed suit. This is an exciting trend.

It took a lot of courage for Chicago to do this as they will lose $4 million a year on profits from the drinks. So why do we want to ban this crazy practice?

  • One out of every four drinks consumed is a soft drink.
  • Our annual consumption here in the United States averages out to more than 56 gallons for every man, woman and child.
  • Consumers spend more than $60 BILLION a year on soda.
  • The soft drink industry uses more than 12 billion gallons of water every year.
  • The average girl has one ounce of pure sugar and a boy two ounces of pure sugar every day from sodas. That is nearly 50 pounds of sugar every year from soda.

Do you really want the above nonsense to continue? Let's stop the trend. Be encouraged that YOU can make a difference. Be an activist. Contact your school officials and let them know you will NOT tolerate this insanity anymore. Philadelphia, New York and Chicago did it, surely your town can join them. Let's get this revolution going. Our kids are depending on us! Just don't make the mistake that Chicago and New York made and replace those soft drinks with non-carbonated sports drinks and fruit drinks, which are virtually identical in every damaging way to soda.

Yahoo! News April 20, 2004

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