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National Turnoff TV Week

I stopped watching TV regularly when Michael Jordan finished his streak with the Chicago Bulls. Michael was absolutely magnificent and it was a joy to watch him and the Bulls win six NBA championships. However, TV is far too addictive to keep in my home so I stopped my cable subscription in 1995. Since I live too far from the city to get reception without cable I don't have access to TV and only watch DVD movies on the screen. The only time I ever view commercial TV is when I travel and even then I rarely turn on the TV.

So take the plunge and turn off the TV this week in honor and support of National Turnoff TV Week. Do it for your kids as kids watch far too much TV, this is a no-brainer, literally. My recommendation is to minimize the TV to no more than a few hours per WEEK, as short attention spans are only the beginning of the problem with TV. Here are some of the other negatives of kids watching TV:

Please be sure and click the link below for a variety of helpful tools and even more facts on how TV is ruining your life.

TV Turnoff

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