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Watchful Waiting Urged for Mild Ear Infections

The American Academy of Pediatrics are now recommending parents to keep a watchful eye on mild childhood ear infections as the best form of treatment. The ear infection, otitis media with effusion, occurs in almost every toddler and preschooler at some point in their lives and is the cause for the two million diagnosed cases in the United States each year. The study also revealed that decongestants and antihistamines were not effective types of treatments for "routine maintenance" of ear infections. Finally, the American Academy of Pediatrics have recommended a "watch and wait" approach in regards to treatment of mild ear infections. As I wrote in a past article, most ear infections clear up without antibiotics. Avoiding pasteurized milk is one of the best proactive solutions a parent can take to prevent ear infections in their children.

Yahoo! News May 3, 2004

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