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Study: U.S. Health Care Not Always Best

The widely held view that the United States offered the top medical health care in the world is now being challenged. A health care review found that while the United States led the way in some areas, it fell behind in others.

Results from the Review:

  • Breast cancer survival rates ranked higher in the United States over Australia, Canada, England and New Zealand.

  • Women's screenings for cervical cancer were shown to be the highest in the United States.
  • The United States registered the highest number of deaths caused by asthma and showed to have the greatest number of infections from hepatitis B.
  • The United States has spent far more money on health care than any other nation.
  • Health care insurance in the United States is predicted to become increasingly unaffordable to lower-income families.

What do we get for the most expensive health care in the world? The absolute best system in the entire world for treating acute surgical emergencies.

Beyond that, the system is an unmitigated failure at treating chronic illness. Traditional medicine clearly kills more people than it saves. Prescribed drugs are the fourth leading cause of death and the first three, heart attacks, cancer and strokes are facilitated by physician ignorance of foundational concepts of nutritional physiology. This is not new news, as I posted an article in a past newsletter on the flawed traditional medical paradigm. We are not achieving the high levels of health that we could be. More and more people do not have the energy they need to get through the day, while millions of others are suffering with painful crippling diseases, because they have violated basic health principles. Many of their choices were made out of ignorance and it is my vision and passion to make a dent in this mess.

Houston Chronicle May 4, 2004

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