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Beware: Top Toy Company Pushing Risky Infant Formula on Uninformed Public

In an effort to market their toys, Fisher-Price is now giving away six-month supplies of infant formula as part of a prize package in their current "Ready. Set. Grow." sweepstakes. They state the sweepstakes provides "a chance to win developmental prizes for you and baby," but either they didn't do their homework on infant formula, or they decided that their potential gain outweighed the risks of formula to babies. Formula was designed to be a replacement for babies who are unable to breastfeed, not a replacement for those who can. It does not fully meet the nutritional needs of babies, leaving their immune systems susceptible. In fact, according to Dr. Linda Folden Palmer in the must-read article The Deadly Influence of Formula in America, the "use of the use of infant formula doubles the risk of infant death for American babies."

The Fisher-Price sweepstakes will award "your choice of formula," but while any type of infant formula is a poor substitute for breastfeeding, the worst choice would be soy-based formula.

In addition to high levels of aluminum in soy and the high levels of estrogens in soy (a soy-fed baby receives the equivalent of five birth control pills' worth of estrogen every day), recent research suggests that high concentrations of manganese in soy can lead to brain damage in infants and altered behavior in adolescents. Soy formula can also reduce testosterone levels and impair thyroid function through isoflavones present in the formula. A mother's breast milk is nature's perfect food for infants and can't even come close to being reproduced, so my highest recommendation to mothers is to breastfeed if they can. If the mother or baby are unable to breastfeed for clinical reasons, I encourage consideration of the Infant Formula Fortification Protocol.

Go to to voice your concerns to Fisher-Price about their irresponsible promotion of infant formula.

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